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  1. Return to Ukraine of eight archaeological objects

    Today His Excellency Anatolii Solovei, Minister-counsellor from the Embassy of Ukraine to the Netherlands, has received from ...

    Publication | 20-03-2024

  2. The BES Public Records Act. Exploratory study of the care for public records on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

    Every citizen has the right to know which decisions the government makes and on which grounds. Government organisations must be ...

    Report | 22-11-2023

  3. Cultural artefact returned to Peru

    A Peruvian graveclothes deposited in a drop box for objects covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered ...

    Publication | 15-09-2023

  4. Visit Inspectorate for Cultural Heritage from Kosovo

    Colleagues from the Inspectorate for Cultural Heritage in Pristina, Kosovo, visited the Information and Heritage Inspectorate of ...

    Publication | 15-12-2022

  5. Maritime Observatory monitors important underwater heritage sites

    The Information and Heritage Inspectorate and Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), both part of the Ministry of ...

    Publication | 04-11-2022

  6. Pottery, textiles and figurines returned to Peru

    Today the Dutch Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation, Arjen Uijterlinde, presented a collection of privately owned ...

    Publication | 09-07-2021

  7. The Netherlands is cooperating in the return of archaeological objects to Iraq

    Today Arjen Uijterlinde, Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Barbara ...

    Newsletter | 06-05-2021

  8. Netherlands returns Ife terracotta head to Nigeria

    A unique and rare terracotta head from Ife, Nigeria, intercepted by Dutch Customs at Schiphol airport in 2018, has been returned ...

    Newsletter | 02-11-2020

  9. Archaeological objects transferred to Ukraine to be investigated

    On Monday 26 November, the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate transferrred a number of archaeological objects to the Ambassador of ...

    Newsletter | 28-11-2018

  10. Kosovar 'Heritage Inspectorate in formation'

    From 29 October until 2 November 2018 colleagues from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Kosovo visited ...

    Newsletter | 12-11-2018

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