Kosovar 'Heritage Inspectorate in formation'

From 29 October until 2 November 2018 colleagues from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Kosovo visited the Netherlands.

Foto van deelnemers aan de uitwisseling tussen de Inspectie Overheidsinformatie en erfgoed en de Kosovaarse inspectie in wording

An important goal was a dialogue and exchange of information, best practices and methods on supervision on the cultural heritage in both countries. In different settings and visits to cultural institutions the exchange on legislation, supervision and independent cooperation with other institutions and organisations in the field of protection took place. Included were also presentations by Police, Customs and the Military.

The dialogue was considered an inspiration for both countries: it provided not only insight into the problems of a relative young country and an eventful history, but also into the challenges of an 'older' Inspectorate to keep up and further develop of what has been achieved in the past years.