Tax Authorities / Customs Office in the Netherlands

The Information and Heritage Inspectorate works in close cooperation with the Dutch Customs and Central Licensing Office for Import and Export [Centrale Dienst voor Invoer en Uitvoer, CDIU] of the Ministry of Finance. There is a shared (administrative) system that deals with and issues export licences for cultural property outside the European Union. The administration is carried out by the Central Licensing Office for Import and Export of goods, and the authorisation is given by the Inspectorate. The cooperation is further concentrated on training, exchange of information, special control projects and risk analysis.

Police in the Netherlands

There is also cooperation with the Dutch police regarding law enforcement on art and antiques criminality. The cooperation is focussed on education, exchange of information and experiences, and investigation. The police have the task of investigating offences in the field of crime in general. In 2009 the Art Crime Unit of the National Police was reinstated, and as of 2013 every regional police force has a dedicated police officer for the coordination of information regarding art criminality. Furthermore, a national Public Prosecutor for Art Criminality has been appointed.


Internationally, the Netherlands cooperates at various levels and with various organisations, such as ICOM, Interpol and UNESCO.